Director Bio


Chris Thomas is a self-taught animator from a mountain town in West Virginia. He mistakenly ended up in Philadelphia after dropping out of college (Temple University) and found shelter in an old-warehouse that had no windows to the outside world. It was here where he animated his first film entitled Hi-Five the Cactus.

Shot entirely by himself, the film contains 12,984 frames.

When asked why he chose animation as his creative medium, his response was:

“It’s the only medium which I could devote my life to and never master. I will forever be challenged by it…Like an old man lost at sea trying to catch a mythological whale.”

His first known work to be released, embodies the D.I.Y. spirit will forever be a testament to how far one person is willing to go in order to turn their vision into a reality.


Director Statement

"I am only happy when I'm scared. And I only laugh if I am surprised. A good film must make you do both.  Hi-Five the Cactus was my attempt at creating a magical-dark-world that tip-toes in-between horror and comedy. I want you to laugh and then I want you to cry. And if I have successfully tricked you, you'll want to watch it again."

-Chris Thomas


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